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Prance Earth empowers resorts & cities with our innovative SaaS platform to measure and visualize energy metrics for reductions, cost savings, emissions reporting, and engaging guests towards a sustainable future.


Elevate your team with your 24/7 energy view powered by AI.
Optimize operations, streamline energy, visualize data to drive efficiencies.

Empower Business, Save Cost

Save Time, Streamline wokflow

Become Energy Savvy at-a Glance

Reduce Accounting Errors, Find Effeciencies

Reduce Emissions

Improve Guest Experience

Prance Earth at-a-glance


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Platform Features

Manage Operations

  • Optimize operations with real-time reports
  • Manage internal teams and external communications
  • Organize business assets, live news, events, and alerts

Energy Accounting

  • Automate utility bill data for streamlined analysis across one or multiple properties.
  • Calculate & visualize emissions measurements and reporting

Enhance Sustainability

  • Leverage interactive sustainability tools and dashboard
  • Track and benchmark climate initiatives, making it easier to measure progress and set targets

Engage Community

  • Engage guests with live status updates alongside energy and climate metrics
  • Communicate your live sustainability goals with visitors & community

Grow sustainability goals, engage guests, build brand

Access Marketplace

  • Connect with renewable energy companies and sustainable products + services  to reduce your  environmental impact

Impact Fund

  • Participate in our Impact Fund to earn passive revenue 
  • Build brand loyalty, connect with guests and support environmental partners


Alpine & Ocean Tourism

Hotels, Resorts &

Towns & Cities

Museums & Non-Profit Orgs

Farms & Ranches

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Inspiring resorts, tourism & community with the 1-1-1 model.

Pledge 1%

Prance Earth is pledging 1% of our tech services to nonprofit partners that protect wildlife and environment.