About Us


Allison Pobrislo, the inventor of the Prance Resort & Mountain Operations technology, has created the Prance Earth Platform to help  tourism, small businesses, and organizations decarbonize. 

Passionate about conservation, Allison is honing her decades of technology and communication expertise into a B2B/B2C solution with tools to track energy and CO2 metrics, optimize operations, build insights to reduce and save costs, and educate visitors via cinematic energy data and climate science from our nonprofit partners.  By connecting stakeholders with tools to measure, reduce, and engage, the platform is a pathways to galvanize climate action.

Our nonprofit division, Prance Earth News, is a new media platform for sharing eco news to further enhance collaboration across organizations and financial networks. 

With small steps, we can all take action to reduce our impact and protect the planet’s biodiversity. The Prance innovative solutions demonstrate how technology and effective communication can drive meaningful environmental impact.

Allison Pobrislo,