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Measure Energy, Create CLIMATE Action Plans & ENGAGE GUESTS with Eco-Exhibits


The PRANCE ENERGY & CLIMATE PLATFORM is an energy management, eco and guest engagement tool to drive climate leadership in museums. Our SaaS / EaaS / CaaS (Energy as-a-Service) /(Climate as-a-Service) enterprise solution is a centralized platform for business to collect, measure and evaluate energy metrics, save costs, operationalize net-zero goals and build sustainability roadmaps. Engage guests with live energy data, conservation partners and your environmental leadership on our hallmark Prance digital hubs and new PRANCE ECO COIN.

Utilities, Energy & CO2 Metrics

PRANCE ENERGY is a utility bill accounting platform that consolidates all bills into one centralized dashboard. Save costs and streamline workflow. Benchmark usage across each energy type, operation, cost, visitor and property. Measure greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory by Scope 1, 2 and 3 for emissions reporting. Data analytics and 25 data visualization tools build insights for cost savings, efficiencies and reports. Benchmark performance with industry peers and your certification score. Build your net-zero roadmap with our clean energy partners.


Environmental stewardship depends on an informed public. PRANCE DIGITAL HUBS communicate to guests live energy data with your sustainability leadership. Our climate partners bring awareness, inspire better-behavior-practices, and tangible solutions. PRANCE ECO COIN engages guests, funds climate NGOs, and incentivizes resort transition to clean energy. Share energy metrics, carbon reduction projects, eco-action, and peer benchmarking. Guests seek green companies: meet your audience, inspire change.

Design a Sustainable Museum
An all-in-one energy accounting and carbon footprint analysis to save costs, measure your impact, and take action to cut emissions. Eco-Exhibits curate your climate leadership.

Benefits to your Museum

Consolidate all energy data and utility bills into one central platform, accessible 24/7.  Build insights to save costs. 

Benchmark energy data across operations and energy sources. Identify insights to reduce usage with data analytics and visualizations. 

Build Green House Gas inventories reporting.  Measure emissions by Scope 1, 2, and 3.  Track renewable energy credits and carbon offsets. 

Save costs and reduce CO2.  Create pathways to conserve natural resources and protect biodiversity. 

Engage with visitors sharing your sustainability goals, progress and live energy metrics that will inspire them towards a conservation mindset. 

Our vision and values

Conserve & Protect

Our mission is guiding companies to reduce energy usage, conserve natural resources and mitigate biodiversity loss.  

Arctic Ice Loss

The Arctic has lost 95% of its oldest, thickest & most reflective ice

US Renewable Energy Use

Compared to 47% in Norway

Coal Usage

Today's energy is 85% coal driven

Forestry & Agriculture

Practices contribure to GHG

Eco Innovation

Prance is a tech pioneer creating solutions for resorts, hotels, museums, golf, real estate, airports, clean-tech and NGOs. Using technology as a building block, we curate unique digital experiences: SaaS platforms, digital signage, media walls, data visualization, energy management and analytics.  Focusing on sustainability, our global expertise guides your company to be future-proof by protecting assets and building resilience for climate impacts. 

Actionable Insights to energy usage

Benchmarking + Analytics: Reduce & Save Costs

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Energy & Co2 Inventories

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Operations & Marketing

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Our Work: Resorts, Hotels, Airports, Museums, Climate, TEch & NGOs

ARapahoe Basin, Arrowhead Club, Attitash Mountain, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek Golf & Private Clubs, Breckenridge, Crystal Mountain

Dodge Ridge Ski area, Four Seasons Hotel, Grand Targhee, Hyatt Hotel, Jackson Hole Resort & Airport, Keystone, Northstar, Mammoth MTN, Olympic Museum, Park City, Snake River Lodge, REDSTONE RESORT, Stowe, Sugar Bowl, Taos, Telluride, Sunday RIver, Vail Resort, Whiteface, Wort Hotel

Sustainable Aviation Fuels, MOra water, Watersmart, Battery & Energy Storage, LofyInc Fund, Climate Path, Drasha Ventures, JLINc, Sensolin,, Sela Foundation

 “The affluent citizens of the world are responsible for most environmental impacts and are central to any future prospect of retreating to safer environmental conditions”

Buildings, operations and projects

Benchmark  & analyze your energy data 24/7