SAAS PLATFORM: Operations, Energy, Sustainability, Guest Engagement

Energy, Operations & Communications

The PRANCE platform measures your company's energy metrics, builds data analytics, manages real-time operations & engages with guests across digital hubs.

Utility Bill Management

Manage all utility bills across all energy types, operations, visitor, monthly and annually.

Digital Communications- GUEST ENGAGEMENT

Prance hubs engage guests with your live energy data, sustainability leadership & property news to web, digital signage, mobile & social platforms.


Build reports and insights with our data analytics and rich data visualization tools to optimize performance.

CO2 Inventories

Calculate and measure your carbon emissions and energy intensity details - reduce costs and energy usage through increased efficiency. 

Benchmarking & Green Score

Positive performance builds your green score and provides peer benchmarking data.


Use our tools to build your sustainability roadmap and share your commitments with guests. ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) tools streamline your disclosure reporting process.

Sustainable Products

To reduce the impact on forests, water & habitat, adopt green products from our partner network.

Clean Energy Partners

Connect with our clean energy partners to fast-track decarbonization & reach zero net emissions.

Climate Partners

Our conservation partners guide stakeholder & educate guests on best practices.